Multi-channel board-to-board connectors

Multi-channel board-to-board connectors are a type of connector that can simultaneously connect an RF board to multiple different channels of equipment or systems. They provide multiple independent channels, each capable of transmitting RF signals or other types of signals.

Common multi-channel board-to-board connectors include 18, 28, which typically employ a design with multiple pins and sockets, with each pin and socket corresponding to a channel. By inserting pins, the RF board can be connected to the corresponding channels of other equipment or systems. This allows RF signals to be transmitted between different channels, enabling multi-channel data transfer and communication.

The design of multi-channel board-to-board connectors needs to consider factors such as signal frequency, impedance matching, and insertion loss to ensure the quality and stability of signal transmission between channels. Additionally, the mechanical fixation and protective capabilities of the connectors need to meet corresponding requirements to ensure reliable and stable connections.

These connectors are commonly used in scenarios requiring simultaneous multi-channel data transfer or signal exchange, such as multi-channel wireless communication systems, multi-channel testing equipment, and multi-channel sensor networks. They can greatly improve system flexibility and communication efficiency, simplify the complexity of connections and wiring, and enhance the overall performance and reliability of the system.

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